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Rooftop Music Video Shoot
Mirage Installation
Mirror Portrait Concept
Disco Ball for Live Lighting

Spectacle Create & Capture designs atmospheres to be interacted with and explored. From galleries, to events or on camera; Spectacle enhances and distorts reality with use of lighting, projection, sound, or technology of any kind. With roots in research and development; designers and technicians come together to realize concepts of a client and bring new ideas to the table. Whether it is a performance or public space, the viewer is pulled into the experience and taken on a journey. Simple lighting design of a space can evoke movement and direct attention of an audience. But when the viewer is involved in the manipulation of a space, the design becomes alive and takes on a new personality. Interactive components of an atmosphere can be high-tech computer integration, or as simple as providing a canvas to create a shadow. The reactions can be just as powerful. When elements of lighting, projection, and sound come together, there is an endless supply of immersive experiences to be created.


Joshua Challen Ice

Studied at Point Park University with a degree in Lighting Design and Technology. Joshua acts as the Artistic Director for Spectacle, developing and refining ideas through research, draftings and physical implementation. He is a designer that often works in technical production, allowing for a continued education and inspiration. Working as the Exhibitions Technician for The Mattress Factory Museum opened doors to understand logistics of creating new and exploratory work.

Greg King

Studied Video Production at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. With a strong background in software development and complex electronic systems, Greg acts as the Technical Director for Spectacle. Greg utilizes his knowledge of software to create tools for artists allowing them to realize the full potential for their vision. Greg’s passion for computer science stems from the desire to create tools to enhance the quality of his freelance production work.

Harbour Edney

Studied at Point Park University for Lighting Design with a side interest in Projection Design. Harbour aids in forming concept around pieces of work and ensuring continuity of story through lighting and projection. They also help with site visits, generating of paperwork and act as a technician for installation.  



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