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Eternal Repair

       The installation, Eternal Repair by Joshua Challen Ice, tells the story of a renovation gone wrong. In a failed attempt to recreate his grandfather’s hunting cabin that was passed down to him, Ice works through a grandson’s inheritances in all its valences: genetic, physiological, psychological, and material worth, through the intersectional processes of labor, maintenance and care. 

      Ice’s sculpture, which is a collection of unmoored high modernist architectural signifiers, images what is left of his inherited hunting cabin: a fragmented half-renovated tiny home filled with nonsensical solutions to self-made problems that disrupts function replacing it with metaphor. Mixing contemporary minimal aesthetics with construction-site drywall, bare two by fours, and rustic remnants, Ice works through the absurdity of recreating a paradoxical hunting cabin, an isolated rural dwelling and icon of masculinity, in a city gallery space, an interconnected and highly visible urban environment. As such, Eternal Repair presents a meditation on the ideas and processes of care, time, memory, and place explored through architecture and art-making that mines both the paradox and the surprising intersections of Ice’s vocation as an artist and his grandfather’s vocation as a tradesman taking inventory of what is passed down and what is disavowed.  

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