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Physical Feedback

The viewer enters the gallery to find a group of windows organized in rows. Floating orbs of glowing blue light hang between each pane with a single orb presented to the viewer in the center of the room. The walls on either side of the hanging orb show a projection containing a live feed of the object itself–creating video feedback. These two systems mirror each other, both tunnels reflecting into infinity; one analog the other digital.

The orb in the center of the room invites interaction–with each movement, a number of delayed copies are replicated in the projection. This interaction acts as an input to the system and creates a dialogue between the viewer and the kinetic portion of the work. The moment of contact is translated into an emotion the windows can parrot back to the viewer. Finally, the sculpture offers a response in the form of a calming display of waveforms.

The work promotes a cycle of listening to input, mimicking emotion, and offering a moment of meditation in response. Acting as an artificial empathy device, meant to create the feeling of being heard and comforted through technological means.


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