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Reclaim Assemblages

My interest lies in exploring the industrial landscape and gathering reclaimed materials to create large scale assemblage installations. These works are then covered in a layer of high tech lighting and video elements to create the feeling of a future dystopian street scene littered with mood altering machines. These machines function to reintegrate individuals into society after extended quarantine. Lining the streets of a post-pandemic world like phone booths decades prior, the government supplies this new public service: visually accosting towers of wood and window panes extended tall, neon-clad and flashing.

The aesthetic, structure and materials are all dependent on the industry of the surrounding area and community connections made to better understand and replicate the aesthetic soul of the city. The reclaimed industrial building materials used to create the base for the sculptural architecture reference the early industrial history of the city and the imagined use as futuristic medical devices ties in with the current industry and rejuvenation of the area of reclaim.

This project series was developed in quarantine when budgets for materials were non-existent and is therefore low cost in nature. I aim to use my technical skills to help lift the community of artists and organizations - as Exhibitions Manager at The Mattress Factory Installation Art Museum, I understand what it takes to put together a successful exhibition


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